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Accomplished keynote speaker and lecturer on issues involving cyber investigations and operational security.

 Scales of Justice


Representing startups and corporations on issues involving privacy law and cyber security regulatory compliance.

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World renowned in obtaining intelligence and evidence for criminal and civil cases.

Cyber Law



Admitted in New York State as an Attorney and Counslor-at-Law, Professor Wandt leads a practice focused on Cyber Law, Buisness 

Privacy Law

Representing startups and corporations to assist them in navigating the complex landscape involving online privacy legislation in the United States and the European Union. 

Cyber Compliance 

Representing startups and corporations to assist them meeting regluatory compliance and best practices involving cyber secutity to secure financial, PII and other critical data. 

Victim Advocacy 


Representing and advocating for victims of targeted Cyber Crimes such as cyber harassment, revenge porn, and cyber intrusion. 

Evidentiary Consult


Expertise in reviewing digital evidence and counseling lead attorneys on digital evidentiary issues. 

Cyber Investigations


Over the past decade, Professor Wandt has had the honor of working with some of the world's top investigators, subject matter, and digital forensic experts. The network he has formed is capable of handling almost any type of complex investigation.

Digital Forensics 


Obtaining criminal and civil evidence from computers, smartphones and IoT devices. 

OSINT Investigations


Obtaining actionable Intelligence from publicly available sources such as social media and the Dark Web.

Civil Litigation Review

Reviewing the case files of civil actions with the goal of identifying digital evidence sources that may have gone overlooked. 

Criminal Case Review


Reviewing criminal case files with the goal of vetting digital evidence and identifying sources that may have gone overlooked. 

Cryptocurrency Investigations


Investigations relating to criminal use of cryptocurrency for illicit purposes and money laundering. 

Software Solutions


Expertise in creating customized solutions for law enforcement and government.

Cyber Training


Professor Wandt is world renowned in providing all levels of cyber related trainings. He has provided customized training for the Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Investigation, New York Police Department, Law Enforcement and Inspector General Agencies from around the world.  

Appointed as an Instructor by the Association of Inspectors’ General in 2012, Professor Wandt is responsible for the curriculum and certification in digital evidence resources and social media investigations for the Certified Inspector General (CIG) institute. 

OSINT+ Investigations

Training for national security and law enforcement personnel in advanced methods of obtaining open sourced intelligence (OSINT) and subpoena based evidence for criminal and civil cases from computers, social media platforms, smartphones and IoT devices. 

INFOSEC for Lawyers 

Reviews important information secuity and operational security practices for lawyers and legal staff to prevent comprimising client data and firm infrastucture.  

Corporate Personnel Training

Reviews best practices for employee behavior and habits both at work and at home to help prevent information breaches and scandals that can embarrass employers. 

Family Cyber Awareness

Focuses on the knowledge and planning modern-day high profile families require to help ensure they don't fall victim to cyber related targeting or scandals. 


Training investigators and auditors on criminal uses of cryptocurrency for money laundering and illicit purposes. 

Darkweb / Tor

Training on safely accessing and conducting investigations involving the use of onion, tor and Darknet websites. 

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