Scrounger Forensics is able to navigate the internet and document information based on specified handlers. Scrounger is able to scrape posts and download videos from the Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok platforms. It is able to track friends, followers, groups, etc…


Metadata Evidence Guide



Our Nation 🇺🇸 is experiencing turbulent times. Citizens are capturing rioting, looting and abusive policing on their cellphones. How can investigators remotely receive these photographs and videos while keeping the metadata (date/time/GPS) intact?

Advanced Unmanned Ariel Systems


Attack of the Drones:

Imagine a wallet-sized flying machine hacking into terrorists’ networks without endangering the lives of U.S. soldiers. 

Law Enforcement and OIG Lectures

Slides and handouts for past lectures to law enforcement, Offices of the Inspector General, and the Department of Defense. 


This was an open proposal from 2011 to the CUNY community. The goal was to take action to drastically reduce the cost of textbooks and create a CUNY-wide eBook program.

The proposal was never fully adopted. However, CUNY did centralize textbooks shortly thereafter.

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